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Führungskräfte Coaching München - Karin Klimt

Leaders and their development often get a raw deal. Individual leadership coaching offers a solution to this.

In the company, managers take care of their teams and help them with their individual and team development. They also try to meet the team’s goals in good quality and on time. Additionally, they help their bosses to develop new strategies and present them to the company’s leadership.

Besides that, a leader also has a personal life and wants to spend quality time with family and partner.

With these numerous demands, a leader usually has too little time for him or herself and spends little thought on his or her own development. In a time when changes in business are happening increasingly rapid, people with responsibility in particular feel as if they are in an endless hamster wheel and at the same time as if they are standing completely still.

In addition to time, there is often a lack of honest feedback and a counterpart at eye level who encourages self-reflection. My leadership coaching provides both the framework and the mirror to work on oneself.
As managers grow, team development accelerates as a consequence.

My focus is on topics of the modern world of work in the IT industry, e.g. agile transformation, international environment, interpersonal skills and female leaders.

Agile Transformation

Agile Leadership

Did you know that according to McKinsey 70% of digital transformations fail?

Especially for a company in the IT sector, where speed and constant adaptation are crucial, it can become a problem if their employees and specifically the people in charge come to a standstill. Especially an Agile/SAFe transformation of an IT company poses many challenges to all involved.
Many leaders struggle to redefine their role and adapt to the changing priorities of their tasks. Classic Agile coaches and external trainers can support with technical content, methods and skills, but the personal and mental effects are often neglected.
The mental impact on the employees is even more drastic when a change is not initiated from within the company, but forced by external events.

As a systemic business coach in Munich, I can offer management and employees of your company both the space for their own further development and the mirror for their self-reflection – also online and in English. It does not matter whether your employees come with a specific request or simply the desire to take stock.
Having worked as a senior manager of agile teams in an international IT company with its own data center, which introduced SAFe company-wide and experienced various externally induced crises, I know both the challenges posed to all parties involved and the jargon and can therefore work particularly efficiently.

International Environment

An additional challenge arises from today’s usually international or intercultural environment. Increasingly, companies have world-wide locations with which they regularly collaborate. Especially in the IT industry it is common to move software development abroad. Leading teams in other locations, time zones and/or with different cultures introduces new obstacles. Communication and team development becomes a challenge for management.

Here, too, I can put my own decades of experience to beneficial use for you, as I have managed departments myself that were spread across several continents and time zones. Even at our own location, people from over 50 nations were employed at the same time and English was the company language. Therefore, I can also offer coaching in English for your non-German speaking leaders.

Interpersonal Skills

In addition to the challenge posed by different cultures, IT companies and other technical and scientific industries often have an above-average number of particularly introverted employees who find interactions with other people difficult.

Upon request, I will soon be incorporating equine elements into executive coaching for these clients, as introverts often find it easier to open up in the presence of an animal. In addition, I can use the horse’s fine senses to read my client’s emotions. Last but not least, a horse gives very immediate and honest feedback directly to the coachee, which is often easier to accept than feedback from another person.

Women in technical professions

Even today, women are often still outnumbered in technical industries and if so tend to be in non-technical positions. As I have experienced myself, this can sometimes result in tensions, especially when a woman is promoted to management. Some of these women are unsure whether they will be accepted in their role and how they should behave – especially as a supervisor – in order to survive in a “male domain.” But also some men are insecure about how they should behave, for example in order not to appear prejudiced.

Here, as a coach who has worked and led in various male domains myself, I can support you in becoming aware of your own strengths and developing your own leadership style from them. I also support both sides in self-reflection with coaching in order to discover and dissolve obstructive beliefs.

P.S. Ich unterstütze sie nicht nur in München, sondern auch in Erding, Ebersberg und Online.