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Du kannst das Leben nicht dran hindern Dir Steine in den Weg zu legen - also nutze sie & bau was Schönes draus

✓ Werde im (neuen) Beruf glücklich
✓ Führe souverän mit Leichtigkeit
✓ Entdecke wieder Deine innere Ruhe
✓ Stärke Dein Selbst-Bewusst-Sein

Dr. Karin Klimt

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Systemic Coaching in Munich

– Shape your life the way you envision it –

Systemic Coaching Munich - for a life that suits you

Do you sometimes feel stuck in a Hamster wheel? That the world is spinning faster and faster and everything is getting more complex? That you are at the same time treading water and stumbling over the same situations again and again? That you no longer control your life?

  • Perhaps you’re dreading a job that doesn’t suit you already in the morning

  • or you regularly wake up at night because you can’t switch off anymore
  • Maybe you don’t find the leadership style that suits you and brings successes

  • or you have the feeling that you are not good enough for your role

You can’t stop life from constantly throwing such new challenges at you – but you can always decide what to make of them.

You are Response-Able at all times!

However, most people reach a point where it is difficult to find the right answer on their own – especially in our modern, fast-paced and complex (working) world.

In this case you will find the time and space to sort out your thoughts in my coaching. You will achieve the clarity you are looking for. Because with my support as a coach, you stand on top of the stones that are in your way. Through this new perspective you will discover your next steps towards the life you want – both professionally and privately. From there, together we will design your master plan for practical execution in your everyday life.

If you are not satisfied with your situation right now & finally want to actively change something,
then systemic coaching with me in Munich is just the right thing for you.
– For a life that suits you perfectly –

Mein Motto:
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results“

Albert Einstein

These are the goals my coachees typically have in coaching

– And what is your goal? –

Of course, the exact wording of my clients’ coaching goals is as varied as they are. Nevertheless, most of my coachees’ goals can be summarized in the following four broad topics:

A job that inspires you

Together, we take a look at what exactly stresses you in your current job and what energizes you. You discover your strengths as well as activities that annoy you or even stress you out. We also clarify which company culture and values you need so that you feel comfortable and can realize yourself.

At the end of the coaching you know for which job you love to get up in the morning and how the company has to be, so that it matches you.

Lead with confidence and ease

In my role as a coach, I support you in clearly defining your goals as a leader, whether they concern team performance, your leadership style or the way you deal with individual team members. 
In my role as a former manager, I am also happy to give you practical ideas – if you wish. 
Together we will design your strategy and concrete steps for implementation. We also consider possible stumbling blocks. 

With this clear picture, you will feel a new confidence and ease in your everyday leadership, both in dealing with your employees as well as with your boss and your colleagues.

Lasting inner peace & serenity

To begin with, we look for the exact reasons why you feel so stressed and exhausted. Because apart from the pure workload, there are often conflicts with the views and values of your environment or also beliefs that restrict you.
As soon as you know the reasons, the right solution will emerge during the coaching process almost by itself. In addition, you will learn methods with which you remain calm in these situations, reduce inner stress and gain strength.

This will immediately reduce your stress level and you will find your own individual way to stay relaxed in stressful situations and sleep well at night.

Unshakeable self-confidence

At the beginning of the coaching you describe to me a few typical situations in which your self-confidence deserts you. But also those in which you feel self-confident (and there are always those). Together we find out what these situations have in common, what the pattern behind them are.
As soon as you know these triggers – that is, you are aware of yourself – we strengthen your existing, matching resources so that you can use them in more and more areas of your life.

Im Laufe unserer Zeit traust Du Dir tagtäglich mehr zu und vertrittst selbst-bewusst Deine PositionIn the course of our time, you will have more confidence in your own abilities every day and take a self-confident stand for your position.

You also want to achieve your personal goal, but don’t know whether your topic is suitable for coaching? Then just give me a call and we’ll clarify it together.

During our sessions I was fascinated by Karin’s patience and empathy, combined with a facilitating, respectful, excellent communication style. Karin is an extremely openminded professional and a real expert in her field.

I can heartily recommend Karin as one of the best people I have ever worked with.

– Edwin Jankowitz, CIO – Head of IT

Why systemic coaching in particular?

– Because you are unique and the solution of others does not suit you –

One of the basic principles of systemic coaching is the acceptance that in the same situation each person experiences a different reality. Because your experiences and thus interpretation of the facts are different from mine. That is precisely why as a systemic coach I will never offer you my solution, as it will not work for you.

Another cornerstone of systemic coaching is that you do not live in a vacuum. Like in a mobile, you and your environment influence each other, and so do the different areas of your life. That is why I personally do not think it makes sense to distinguish between life and business coaching.

However, I am firmly convinced that you already know and master everything you need, to find the right solution for your individual topic – you just need to discover it. You are the (only) expert for your life! With my coaching methods you find out which behaviour patterns and obstructive beliefs are holding you back or even blocking you

On the one hand, this means that the solution to your issue may lie in a completely different area than the issue itself. On the other hand, it means that by changing yourself you can also initiate changes in other people.

But even more important: we uncover all your strengths that you can use for the solution. You realise that you are not a victim of circumstances, but “response-able”. This leads to your first practical steps on the way to the life you want.

That is why in systemic coaching we always look at your entire system – that is, you together with your professional and private environment. This ensures that we don’t just treat symptoms and that the solution found stands up to reality and is sustainable – a clear strength of systemic coaching.

Let’s shape your life together now

Karin was so helpful! I really enjoyed my session with her. I walked away from this feeling so much more clarity on the steps I can take to achieve my goals. Thanks so much, Karin!
– Priyanka Shankar – Fempreneur

My first contact with coaching was as a manager of global, agile software development teams. At that time I experienced as a coachee how powerful coaching and how profound the change is. In a coaching training for leaders, I also learned the first coaching methods myself and found them very helpful in everyday leadership. Since then, the fascination for coaching has never left me

Now, as a self-employed coach, I am repeatedly fascinated by immersing myself in the reality of my coachees. To get an idea of how they experience the world. This opens up a completely different view of things, a new perspective.

It is always exciting for me to dive deeper from there, piece by piece, to see how the coachee connects all the loose ends, how he finds the stumbling blocks that lie in the way as well as the existing resources.

And then comes the crucial moment that changes everything – when we find the trigger and with it an idea for the solution. I always find it touching to be allowed to be there in this moment. To see when someone changes direction and reshapes his or her life from the stumbling blocks. I am happy to provide all my experience as a manager and coach for this purpose.

Systemischer Coach - Dr. Karin Klimt

Dr. rer. nat. Karin Klimt
Coach & Leadership Trainer – Munich, Erding, Ebersberg & Online

Systemic Coach Munich - Dr. Karin Klimt

Let’s Shape
Your Life Together
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Wir testen, ob Thema und Chemie passen & legen das Ziel fest
Step 4
Zum Abschluss stellen wir sicher, dass Deine Lösung nachhaltig ist

Step 1
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Step 3
Schritt für Schritt bauen wir aus Deinen Stolpersteinen was Schönes

This is what “Longma” – systemic Coaching Munich stands for

– And also me as a Coach –

The Chinese word Longma is the combination of dragon (Long) and horse (Ma) and is, so to speak, the Pegasus from Chinese mythology. The Longma thus combines two very powerful animals, can fly and is very robust due to the dragon scales.
In addition to their strength, horses are very sensitive to the emotions of others and interpret the most subtle signals in facial expressions and body language, because as a flight and herd animal they need this to survive. Furthermore, a horse is not interested in your business card, only you matter.
Dragons are usually also portrayed as very independent and invulnerable. Last but not least, Longma also means “important person“.

For these reasons, Longma expresses for me many of the values in systemic coaching. First of all, systemic coaches should always have an appreciative attitude towards their clients and put themselves and their opinions aside.
Furthermore, it is very helpful in coaching to be empathic and to be able to read emotions from facial expressions and body language. Because these help an experienced coach to recognise in which direction things are going, where the pinch point is.
A successful coaching process gives the client strength (again) or even wings. The goal is that the coachee becomes independent and can help himself in the future.

Und weil diese Eigenschaften der Pferde gerade im Coaching so hilfreich sind und ich selbst von meinem Pferd so viel über authentische Führung gelernt habe, setze ich mein Pferd bei passenden Themen und auf Wunsch des Coachees auch im (pferdegestützten) Coaching & Leadership Training ein. And because these characteristics of horses are so helpful in coaching and because I myself have learned so much about authentic leadership from my horse, I also use my horse in (horse-assisted) coaching & leadership training for suitable topics and at the request of the coachee.

My Methods:
classic systemic in my coaching room or moving with a horse outdoors.

Which path to your dream life is the right one?

– Advice by the book or individual coaching –

You have probably already done a lot to find a solution to your stumbling blocks. You might even know how you would like to behave – but you keep getting stuck at the same point.

You may have read books on this, asked others for advice or simply tried it out yourself. But you still can’t find a lasting solution to your challenge and put your ideas into practice.  

In this case, the reason is rarely lack of knowledge, but patterns in your personality – and these are usually difficult to change on your own. At this point the question is: Which support is the right one for you?

Possibly consultation?

  • A predefined, foreign solution
  • Point solution that only treats symptoms superficially
  • Fixed packages with unnecessary long-term commitment
  • Entrenched views shaped by alien experiences
  • Monotonous lecture according to standard scheme


Rather a coaching with me?

  • Your own path that suits you
  • Sustainable solution of the root cause that fits the overall system
  • Short-term support that helps you to help yourself
  • Acceptance of your world view and experiences
  • Actively shaping the result yourself

You have the choice which suits you best