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VUCA – What a crazy world in which we are living

Führung in VUCA

– Faster and faster, more and more complex –

What a crazy world we live in 🌍

in which change and complexity overwhelm us with the force of a tsunami.

There is even a technical term for it:

The VUCA world

【V】Volatility – Rapid change and huge bandwidths.
【U】Uncertainty – Future unclear even with great experience
【C】Complexity – Countless variables and dependencies
【A】Ambiguity – Unclear relationships of cause & effect.

You can’t control this world, but you can learn to ride the wave.
This is true for managers as well:

Typical command & control management methods are no longer applicable. 
Because the necessary prerequisites no longer exist in VUCA: 

❌ Without consistency of products, customers, competitors 👉🏻 no clear process specifications & sets of rules.
❌ Without long-term forecasts and planning 👉🏻 no MbO and target agreements
❌ Without clear, controllable facts 👉🏻 no central decision-making
❌ Without clear cause and effect 👉🏻 no individual bonus systems

Now what?
Try an environment where the team can make the decision for the best way forward themselves:

【V】Vision – Everyone knows where they want the journey to go.
【U】Understanding – All the necessary information is available to everyone.
【C】Clarity – Everyone has clarity about all the framework conditions 
【A】Agility – Fast adaptation according to the latest knowledge