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My way to become a coach in Munich

As Coach in Munich i support people to shape their life with Business Coaching

After completing a doctorate in theoretical physics, I worked for 20 years as a specialist and manager at a globally active IT company.
I took on my first management position while still working part-time as a parent. This meant I didn’t have time to get involved in technical issues and had to quickly trust my employees with responsibility.

I built up several agile teams and managed intercultural departments with large teams around the globe. In the process, I learned to appreciate the strengths of different characters and cultures and also to promote them remotely.

During this time, I had my first coaching training for managers and was quickly inspired by how powerful and, above all, sustainable coaching is for changes.

Since my professional trainings as a systemic and horse-assisted coach, I have been assisting people who are willing to change on their way to a life that suits them. I support them in shaping their lives according to their vision – in building something beautiful out of the stumbling blocks that life sometimes throws in their way.

In my hybrid, agile leadership programme “Let the horse tell you something” I also accompany innovative leaders on their way to WEffectiveness with the team. So that they can deliver excellent results with stable and motivated teams without (inner) stress.

What distinguishes me from others: I combine theory with practice so that everyone can find the way and leadership style that suits them best.

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How it all started

- From a successful leader zu a systemic coach -

After years of cooperative leadership and fostering my international teams according to agile principles, I ended up with my teams in a classic command & control environment due to a restructuring. I had to witness how much stress the conflicting beliefs meant for everyone involved. How the conflict ended either in inability to act or in termination, which ultimately led to the disintegration of the team and the product. It also cost me personally an incredible amount of energy to be in an environment that lived opposing values to mine.

It was then that I finally realised how important it is to live a life that suits you. But also that sometimes you are paralysed in such situations and can’t find the right way out on your own.

That’s why I decided to start my own business as a coach and trainer, to focus completely on empowerment and the development of people. Because in my role as a manager, that was always the most enjoyable thing for me.

That’s why in my leadership programme I advocate a cultural change in leadership: Away from dominance, power (games) and ego trip, towards appreciation, empowerment and participation – for a successful, future-oriented but humane working world.

Coach München im Coaching Gespräch

And how it went from there

- From a classic coach to coach with horse -

Very quickly I wanted to include horses in coaching whenever it was helpful. Because I have experienced myself how helpful horses are for personal development – especially as a manager. Working with horses promotes:

  • Self-confidence
  • Reading body language and facial expressions
  • Authenticity and congruence
  • Situationally adapted actions
  • Convincing without dominance

Therefore, I attended corresponding further educations with a Swiss authority and now combine systemic and horse-supported elements in order to achieve better results much faster.

Furthermore, I know from my own experience that every now and then one gets into situations that create inner stress. Be it a conflict with the values and culture of the company, dealing with certain people, the workload or having to defend one’s opinion (publicly).
It is not always possible to find the trigger of this inner resistance using cognitive methods.
In order to be able to reduce stress in such cases, I also attended a Brainlog® training. Brainlog® is a further development of EMDR, WingWave and Brainspotting based on neuro-scientific studies, which are successfully used in trauma therapy.


I actually have many good memories of my school days. But one memory still makes me shake my head sometimes today. I encountered limiting beliefs for the first time, even though I didn't know it at the time, of course.

I was in the IT elective, and since there were only a few PCs, we had to work in groups. Our teacher put the few girls in one group - which annoyed me beyond measure. From the beginning, most of them had the attitude: "As a girl, I can't do that anyway". Accordingly, they didn't even try to understand and we didn't get very far :-(.

At the time, I wondered firstly why they let themselves be talked into something like that, and secondly, why they went to the course with that conviction in the first place. Today I know how such beliefs come about, how limiting they can be and how difficult they are to discard without support. What has not changed is my lack of understanding of such prejudices against other people.

TU München
Curiosity is everything

Even in my youth, I was fascinated by the emotional world and thoughts of other people. I could listen to other people's problems for hours, ask a thousand questions and, with the best of intentions, try to give tips from my experience - which, of course, were not always well received. Because as I learned in coaching, my solutions don't necessarily fit someone else.

But since I didn't know at the time that there were professions that did just that, I first decided to learn how the world and the universe worked: I studied physics. In doing so, I practised my analytical skills and learned to recognise patterns. Even today, this helps me to put together the puzzle pieces of the "Grand Unified Theory" of a coachee's topic.

People often shake their heads at how I can have such different interests. But I don't feel that way at all, because I am simply curious about how something "works". It doesn't matter whether it's the universe or people.

GSC München
Passion Ballroom Dancing
Coaching Leistungssport München

Since my youth, I have always done competitive sports. First athletics and then over 15 years of ballroom dancing.

I have experienced many things. But two insights stuck with me above all:

  1. Only those who dare win.
    Our dance club, which is now around hundred years old, was almost on the brink of extinction when the premises were cancelled. As a board, we had the choice of downsizing or taking a risk and renting large rooms directly at Stachus. By expanding, we have become the biggest club in Munich.
  2. Skill is only half the battle
    Because it also takes mental attitude and strength. Our thinking, our attitude to a situation massively influences our actions and accordingly also the result. No matter how good you are, if you assume that you will lose, it will happen.
TU München
PhD student theoretical physics

After graduating in physics - as the only woman left among eighty students - I decided to do a doctorate. Unfortunately, the other two women decided earlier on a different career. We need many more women in classic male domains!

My topic was: neutrino oscillations - one of the pieces of the puzzle to understand why our universe behaves the way it does.

Amadeus Data Processing
High time for something new - Trainee IT

"On the job" training and rotation through all departments in Amadeus including marketing in Madrid and software development in Nice.

The (international) trainees were selected in a 2-day assessment centre. It was an incredibly exciting experience and my first contact with psychological methods and personality models. Of course, the assessment centre also focused on skills, for example with an IQ test, but it was more about the right attitude, which was tested in numerous games, for example building a bridge out of Lego or a discussion on how best to survive after our (imaginary) plane crash in Antarctica.

Amadeus Data Processing
(Senior) Performance Analyst

Design and development of server capacity and performance reports for all stakeholders worldwide, development of new data sources, ad hoc analyses of all Amadeus systems and presentations to the company management.

My boss only gave me the framework and otherwise gave me a lot of freedom. I was able to contribute my own ideas and was also allowed to make mistakes. This management style has left a strong mark on my working life.

Sunshine and rain clouds
Coach in Krisen

With our second daughter, our family is complete and at first everything seems perfect.

But then comes an initially devastating diagnosis. Both girls are moderately to profoundly hearing impaired - or as we and many affected people prefer to say: differently hearing.

That was a difficult time for us. We had an incredible number of appointments and had to learn a lot of new things. But what really got to me was that the children's future was suddenly "thrown out the window" - at least it seemed that way in that moment. Which school will be the right one, will they be able to do the job they would like to do, etc.? But above all, one thing was clear: they will always have a harder time than others.

Because I know how good it is to have outside support in such a situation, I am also a coach who is passionate about supporting relatives of people who have experienced a stroke of fate.

Amadeus Data Processing
Teamlead in part-time, Performance Data Management

Part-time management of a software development team, responsible for capacity planning and performance analysis software.

Even today, I am still grateful to my boss at the time for offering me the team leadership while still in parental part-time. I learned a lot about people and leadership without control/micro-management. In part-time I would not have had time for that. I had a lot of fun developing visions together and then trusting that my people already know how to best achieve this vision.

Amadeus Data Processing
Teamlead, Capacity Planning

Leading an international team of direct and functional reports, responsible for the correct planning and budgeting of the infrastructure in the Amadeus Datacenter.

Sometimes it was a bit nerve-wracking to be responsible for the functional topic but not have the disciplinary responsibility. You are doubly dependent on the "good will" of the people, you have no power that you can use.

Conflicts with the second manager are also practically pre-programmed. The employees are quickly confused as to which instruction is ultimately valid. But as we all know, one grows with one's challenges.

Amadeus Data Processing
Department manager, Datacenter Managment Software

Staff and budget responsibility including product ownership of a software development and production team with a total of 60 people in 5 countries, responsible for software solutions and automation for data centre operations with direct reporting line to the VP. Introduced agile methodologies and ceremonies across all teams.

The most exciting part of this period was building a development team in Bangalore. It made me realise how much our behaviour is shaped by our culture. We take so many things for granted because we don't know them any other way. It showed me how differently we can perceive the same events just because we perceive them through a different filter - shaped by our own experiences.

A childhood dream comes true
Coach mit Pferd

Even as a child, I loved to ride and have always dreamed of riding a Friesian. Just like dancing, the movement in harmony is absolutely fascinating.

Unfortunately, having my own horse was out of the question at that time.

When I started riding again with the girls, the desire to have my own Friesian soon came up again. Of course, a horse is a big responsibility and also a liability. Therefore, the head clearly said "no", while the heart loudly screamed "yes". Fortunately, I eventually listened to the feeling and have never regretted it. Besides the many wonderful hours, I wouldn't want to miss out on the personal development.

Münchner Akademie für Business Coaching
Coaching training for leaders

Detailed theory about the attitude in coaching and about coaching methods in the business context combined with practical exercises by the Münchner Akademie für Business Coaching.

I was very enthusiastic about my first contact with the mindset and methods of coaching. I immediately remembered how much I enjoyed having exactly such conversations in my youth. From the beginning, this approach just felt right to me and I used it more and more.

Amadeus Processing
Department manager, Commercial & Solution Management

Leading a department of 5 teams with a total of 45 people spread over 4 countries, responsible for all transversal topics of the infrastructure and cloud area such as purchasing, capacity planning and project management with a budget responsibility of more than 100 million Euros. Scaling of the agile teams company-wide with the help of SAFe.

In my day-to-day work, I realised more and more that what I enjoyed most in the leadership role was supporting my people in their own development. I decided to focus on that, regardless of company politics. Finally, I made the decision to become a self-employed coach.

Founding Longma - Systemisches Coaching
Systemic coach

Further deepening of coaching knowledge in the one-year, DCV-certified coaching training in Anja Mumm's Kompetenzzentrum Coaching. In addition to the systemic attitude and competences, many methods and tools based on the latest psychological findings are taught. Extensive practical exercises and numerous coaching sessions under supervision ensure quality.

A very intensive time in a wonderful training group, in which I learned a lot about myself and my values in addition to the content. Especially as a woman, in my leadership role my understanding, my tolerance towards other people was sometimes interpreted as weakness. Now I learned freedom of judgement about other people and openness to other opinions as a strength.

EMDR Akademie

Training at the EMDR Akademie in methods for reducing stressful situations. Brainlog is a further development of EMDR, WingWave and Brainspotting, which are also used in trauma therapy.

Brainlog has exceeded my expectations of having a method to get results even if the trigger is not known. The best feedback I got was: "I can still remember the (bad) feeling, but it's just gone."

EMDR Akademie
Horse-assisted methods

Well-founded, long-standing and association -recognised training in equine coaching methods at AHAA Manufaktur.

It is wonderful to be able to bring my second passion into coaching. But much more important are the enhanced effects and even better results through horses.