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What is coaching?

– And what is coaching not? –

If you have landed here, then you probably want to shape your life according to your vision, so that it actually suits you.
But you are still wondering “Is coaching suitable for me?”

Here you will hopefully find your most important questions about the coaching process with me answered. If not, just give me a call or arrange your free Discovery Call. I will be happy to answer all your questions.

What is systemic coaching?

Systemic coaching is a time-limited, individual support and accompaniment of clients, so that they themselves find or develop solutions for their concrete concerns (“help for self-help”). Both the professional and the family contexts – the coachee’s overall personal system – are considered. The systemic coach works neutral, objective, resource- or solution-oriented and respects the self-determination of the client. In doing so, the coach relies on the client’s will to change and his or her own initiative.

Good coaching requires a sound training of the coach, because it is based on proven methods and competencies for goal-oriented process handling for the coachee. Self-reflection and self-motivation of the coachee plays an important role. Furthermore, changes of perspective and working out alternative courses of action are part of the process in order to help with the solution process. By consciously leading into the emotions, the usually already existing thought patterns are disrupted.

A systemic coach also always respects the ethical guidelines of the profession, especially confidentiality.

How to get started

For successful coaching, the chemistry between coach and client is crucial. Therefore, as a private client, I always offer you a no-obligation get-to-know-you session via Zoom, where you can experience me and my way of working while we talk about your concerns and your goal. This also allows me to assess how extensive the topic will be and whether coaching is the right approach. I will also answer any questions you may have about the coaching process. Usually this conversation lasts 30min.

Afterwards you will receive an offer from me about the expected scope of services together with the terms of the contract.

For corporate clients I offer individual coaching as well as framework contracts. Talk to me directly about your wishes. After a personal conversation, I will be happy to provide you with an individual, tailor-made offer.

How coaching works

Every coaching is always individual, systemic and solution-oriented. It depends on your concern, your goal and your personality, whether it is a short-term coaching or a longer-term support. Furthermore, it depends on whether you are a private client or come to me as part of a corporate contract. Nevertheless, it follows a standard process that gives you and me a structure to efficiently achieve results for you.
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The first step: get to know each other free of charge and without any obligation
For successful coaching, it is crucial that you are able to trust me and feel comfortable with me. That’s why I offer private clients an introductory meeting of about 30 minutes, during which we can mutually check whether “the chemistry fits” and whether you can envision working with me. You will have the opportunity to describe your concerns and to get to know my way of working. The preliminary meeting also allows me to assess how complex your topic is, which approach fits your concerns, whether coaching is the right format and how many appointments would probably be useful. Subsequently, you will receive an offer from me, including the terms of contract, in which all modalities such as confidentiality, cancellation policy and fee are bindingly regulated. Make an appointment

As a corporate client, please contact me directly to find an individual solution for your company. I offer individual coaching as well as framework contracts. After a personal meeting, I will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

Request clarification
Analysis of current status
In our first appointment as part of the contract, we clarify your request and the current actual condition. Ideally, you describe example situations and the desired alternative state. This usually already helps to mentally sort out the issue and to formulate a clearer goal.

Goal definition
It has been proven that a precise definition of the goal is crucial for the success of the coaching process.

Therefore, I allow sufficient time to formulate the goal using the S.C.O.R.E. or C.L.E.R.I.T. model SMART and also to record it in writing. It is crucial that the goal is for you as a client specific, attractive and realistic, does not depend on external influences and is time-bound. The goal forms the basis of the further process, but can be adjusted at any time according to the findings of the coaching process.
For the further appointments, we each set a daily goal, which contributes to the overall goal and determines the focus of the appointment.

Change phase
This is the actual working phase, in which we bring your system into motion and thereby enable a change. In this phase, I use different approaches that are tailored to you and your concerns and that address you not only rationally but also emotionally (see also “What methods and knowledge do you use”). This should enable you to discover new aspects of your concern that have not yet penetrated from the preconscious into consciousness. I help you to anchor these insights, to derive options for action and to transfer or apply them in your everyday life. Under certain circumstances, I may also give you a “homework assignment” to go along with your concerns.

Closing phase
The final phase helps to sustainably secure the solutions developed and the change that has begun. To do so, we reflect together on the entire coaching process and especially on the insights gained. We also discuss how far you have come towards your formulated goal and what further steps you have taken from the process.

What methods and skills do you use

DCV Coaching Verband

In order for you to get a better idea of how I work, here is an excerpt of the methods I have had the pleasure of getting to know and use on a regular basis

★ Models of communication from Schulz von Thun, S. Freud & Pareto, JoHaRi
★ Solution oriented interview
★ Perception of Reality – Wheel of Consciousness & V.A.K.O.G.
★ Change management and evolutionary model
★ Ressource work and anchoring
★ Conflict resolution – MetaMirror
★ (Psycho-)logical levels of R. Dilts
Inner team & reframing
★ Personality panorama
★ Systemic lineup – TetraLemma, ZPA, Hidden topic
★ Graves Value System / Spiral Dynamics
Value evolutionary square
★ Beliefs – Satir and Walking Belief Change
Provokativ intervention
Organisational lineup
★ Trance work

Also in my time as a manager I got to know numerous methods that I can use profitably for you in systemic coaching in the business context, as I am very familiar with the principles and terminology used in many modern companies.

Lean Management + A3 Thinking
Transformational Leadership
Management 3.0 (Agile management)
Agile Software development
SAFe for Lean Enterprises
7 habits of highly effective people

Ultimately, however, all these methods are just a toolbox that supports me as a systemic coach. The decisive factor for a good result is empathy with my clients.

How many appointments are necessary

Depending on the complexity of the topic, we usually need 3-5 appointments between approx. 60 and 90 minutes. In the case of very complex or rather diffuse topics that we need to define together first, it can rarely be more appointments. Likewise, in the case of complex formats, a single appointment may exceptionally take longer.

In any case, however, my goal as a systemic coach is to enable you to help yourself. Therefore, I do not want to keep you tied to me for an unnecessarily long time on a single topic, but rather to enable you to continue working on it yourself as quickly as possible.

What do I commit to

The first meeting is free of charge and non-binding for private customers, after that the contract conditions apply. Appointments can be arranged individually as needed or as a series.
Appointments must be canceled 48 hours in advance, otherwise the full fee will be charged. There is no obligation to attend a certain number of appointments – except in the case of respective company framework contracts.

What do I invest in my dream life

Of course, this depends on your goal and whether you are looking for short-term coaching on a specific topic or longer-term support. In most cases, the investment will be less than a holiday with 2000€ and more, which is over after only two weeks.
The coaching fee is based on the time actually spent and is charged per hour of coaching or on a pro-rata basis. An appointment usually lasts one to one and a half hours. Most topics can be dealt with in three to five appointments.

Personality and leadership development for companies:
(Status 2023)
per hour EUR 189,00 (plus VAT).

Individual coaching for self-pay clients:

per hour (60 min.) EUR 149,00 (plus VAT)

For an individual solution for long-term coaching or framework contracts for companies, please contact me directly.

For my subject of heart – accompanying persons whose environment has experienced heavy blows of fate – I offer a special reduced hourly rate.

An appointment to get to know each other, during which you can describe your concerns to me and we can mutually check whether “the chemistry fits”, is free of charge.

Please understand that I have to charge the full hourly fee for appointments that are canceled less than 48h in advance.

When is coaching not a fit

Coaching presupposes that you yourself have the will to change and want to actively work on it – with my support. If the change is only requested from the outside, without your own conviction, coaching will show little success.

Coaching is also not consulting or training. So you should not expect me to give you a clear way how to solve a concern. I can and will always “only” support you in finding your own solution, because you are the only expert for your issue. Any solution I might come up with will most likely not fit you and your system.

Lastly, psychopathological issues belong in the hands of a trained professional, as required by the Heilpraktikergesetz. However, it can be useful to take advantage of systemic coaching to find additional support and relief in other areas of your life. In this case, please contact me directly.

Where do we meet and work

Coaching Raum

Usually we will meet in my Coaching room in the Ärztehaus Einstein127:

Einsteinstraße 127 – 4. Stock (Aufzug vorhanden)
81675 München

Within walking distance from Leuchtenbergring, Prinzregentenstr., Max-Weberplatz and Grillparzerstr.

If you are not from Munich, we can also meet online.
Horseback coaching takes place at a riding stable in Poing or in its surroundings.

In exceptional cases I can also come to your company. However, since experience shows that it is more difficult for clients to switch off in the work environment, I do not recommend this option.

I’m not from Munich, do you coach online as well?

In the meantime, I have experienced in many online coaching sessions that, with very few exceptions, most topics and methods also work very well online. In addition to Zoom, there are now numerous online tools that support us in our work. Even line-up work is possible with the online system board.
Therefore, I also offer coaching online.


Confidentiality between my client and me is the top priority, which I guarantee in all circumstances, as far as legally permissible. Even in business coaching, I do not pass on any content-related information to the employer, but only talk about the status of the process.

Do systemic coaching and Agile/SAFe go together?

Agile und Coaching

The answer is a clear YES!
Please read as well my Blog Artikel

Your questions about systemic coaching are missing?

I will be happy to answer them

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