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Construction of reality

Konstruktion von Wirklichkeit

Reality is the same for all of us, isn’t it? –

Reality is absolute, immutable and equal for all?

There are of course immutable facts in our reality, which are identical for everyone. However, we all perceive our world through filters. 

🦻🏻 Through our senses
🌍 Through our experiences
🧠 Through our thoughts
🙀 Through our feelings
🧞‍♂️ Through our desires

These filters are different for each person. Therefore, each person perceives the same facts differently and constructs their own reality from them. 

👉🏻 That’s why no two people react identically in the same situation. 
👉🏻 That’s why everyone tells a different story about the same situation.
👉🏻 That is why one finds something hurtful and the other does not.

Very nicely illustrated is this in the news square of Schulz von Thun and in the wheel of consciousness of Michael Pauck.

Nachrichtenquadrat von Schulz von Thun

I could observe this very well during my active time as a ballroom dancer in the highest amateur class. 

One thing is of course the abilities that one has or does not have measurably. But at least as big a part is what one believes about oneself (or the others). Because if I don’t believe in myself, I perform differently. My whole body language radiates insecurity. The judges perceive this (subconsciously) and immediately conclude that one can do “nothing”. The own constructed reality becomes real.

Exactly at this construction of reality a coach starts and helps his coachee to take other perspectives. In this way, supposed weaknesses can become strengths, beliefs can dissolve and new behavioral patterns can emerge.