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Without appreciation, a (systemic) coach is of little value


– Appreciation is a key factor in coaching –

Besides the knowledge that the constant interaction of a person with his environment, have a strong influence on him, the appreciation of the counterpart is a cornerstone of the systemic attitude. 

Without appreciation, a coach does not believe that the coachee

⚡️has a relevant issue/problem, if it seems simple to the coach
⚡️himself can find a solution
⚡️already has all the necessary resources
⚡️he knows the system better than the coach
⚡️has a different reality than the coach
⚡️is response-able and capable of acting

As a result

👉🏻 the coach does not take the coachee and his problem seriously
👉🏻 the coach advises the coachee and forces his solution on him
👉🏻 the coach only points out things to be learned
👉🏻 the coach does not meet the coachee at eye level
👉🏻 the coach imposes his opinion and values on the coachee
👉🏻 the coach has pity instead of compassion

Appreciation is associated with respect, sympathy and kindness. It is the key to successful coaching.

How important is appreciation in your life?