Systemsiches Business Coaching München

About me as a coach

For me as a coach, working with the different inner parts of the client is an important building block to be able to initiate sustainable change. In this kind of work I can empathize very well with the different inner aspects of my clients due to my own numerous roles in life.

  • Leader (part-time at times)
    • in international IT company
    • of team leaders abroad
    • of Agile/SAFe teams
    • in a male-dominated profession
  • Change Agent
  • Scientist (Theoretical Physics)
  • Wife and mother of two differently hearing children
  • Competitive athlete (athletics, ballroom dancing)
  • Horse owner & rider

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For a little insight into my personality, the following are snapshots of my values in a few common systems of personality profiles:

  • Graves Value System: Expression yellow and green, Resistance red and orange.
  • LIFO: Supportive 28, Determining 20, Preserving 23, Adaptive 19
  • mynds: Maestro – Power & Prestige/Excellence
  • Strength Finder: Strategic, Achievement-oriented, Analytical, Idea-gathering, Imaginative
  • Meyers-Briggs: ENTJ, (Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judging)

“Who am I and if so how many”

Richard David Precht

My way

Already in my youth I was fascinated by the thoughts and feelings of my friends. I loved asking numerous questions about it and seeing how it changed views and sometimes behaviors.

However, I first decided to use my logical portions as a PhD in physics and then as an analyst in an IT company. There I was fortunate to meet wonderful mentors who recognized my ability to deal with people and offered me a management position – initially even though it was part-time.

When I was promoted to head of department, I had my first contact with the topic of systemic solution-oriented coaching in a management training course and was allowed to be accompanied by a coach myself. I quickly became enthusiastic about this approach and incorporated it into my daily work. It was fascinating to see how people flourish when they are suddenly in the right role for them.

The turning point in my life came when I was transferred to a work environment whose value system was opposite to mine and where these skills were no longer valued. I realized what was really important to me in life – appreciative, respectful behavior toward all people. The exhaustion and lack of strength resulting from this situation, as well as doubts about my values and abilities, triggered a process of change. I took the chance and decided to become a systemic coach and to start a new career – a choice I have not regretted for a moment.

During my one-year DCV certified training with Anja Mumm, I was able to learn many other proven approaches in addition to the aforementioned work with the inner parts and also experience for myself how powerful these methods are.

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“He who only does what he can already do, always remains what he already is.“

Henry Ford

What else?

Life Coach München

Tiere im Allgemeinen und besonders Pferde leben im Hier und Jetzt. Sie nehmen jede Situation und auch jeden Menschen so an wie er ist – eine Fähigkeit, die den meisten von uns Erwachsenen leider verloren

Animals in general and especially horses live in the here and now. They accept every situation and also every person as they are – an ability that has unfortunately been lost to most of us adults. Horses are also extremely sensitive to the emotions of others and read body language like a book, a skill that ensures their survival as flight and herd animals. Therefore, horses are a great mirror for our emotions and show us immediately how we are feeling. Every inner tension of a human being is noticeable in the behavior of the horses. Horses also notice immediately whether one is serious about something or not. Someone who is not convinced of what he is doing is ignored.

That is why horses are also used as coaching partners or co-trainers in courses for personality development. Educating myself further in this direction to be able to include even more methods in my toolbox will be my next project.