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Unsere schnelllebige, komplexe Arbeitswelt
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Überwinde Deine Hürden und

✓ führe mit Leichtigkeit
✓ meistere souverän Konflikte
✓ stärke Dein Selbst-Bewusst-Sein

Dr. Karin Klimt

Coaching Frauen als Führungskraft München
Coaching Führungskräfte München
Business Coaching München
Pferdegestütztes Coaching München
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Coaching München – because you are worth it

For you, too, the focus is on people

… of your digital transformation …
… of your leadership style …
… of a crisis …

because you know,

… that your transformation will fail if your employees don’t get involved …
… that high performance teams need cooperative leadership …
… that crises demand new behaviors …

Jump with me to a new life – through coaching in München

„A great coach can get you to a place where you don’t need Him anymore“

Andre Agassi

Coaching München

My ambition as a passionate systemic coach is to give you results-oriented help for self-help during your change process. Because I am firmly convinced that the solution for your concern is already present in you and that you will find a way that suits you.

Deswegen nutze ich meine Empathie und meine Fähigkeit That’s why I use my empathy and my ability to recognize correlations, so that you can find the right solution for you without unnecessary detours. In doing so, I always include your private as well as your professional environment in order to explore all facets of your situation with you. (More about me)

Systemischer Coach - Dr. Karin Klimt

Dr. rer. nat. Karin Klimt
München, Erding, Ebersberg

„The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.“

Albert Einstein

Why systemic Coaching?

Because life means change and I am convinced that through systemic coaching you will find the right path for you. Unlike a consultant or trainer, I do not suggest a solution, but support you in finding the best way for yourself. “Systemic” means that not only you yourself, but also your environment (private or professional) is included in the consideration. In doing so, I always remain solution-oriented in the joint work.

Through systemic coaching you realize that you are not a victim of circumstances, but “response-able”. The change becomes sustainable.

Transforming with people

Our fast-paced world demands agile ways of working. But many find it difficult to give up old habits and embrace change. Worst case, the transformation fails, key people leave the company.

Die individuelle Begleitung Individual support in business coaching enables employees to overcome fears and develop new perspectives in a protected space.

Digital Transformation

Cooperative leadership

The complexity of today’s working world, especially in the IT industry, can only be mastered through distributed responsibility. Because several heads know more than a single person.

Through systemic coaching, hindering beliefs are uncovered and new behaviors are developed. This makes it possible to establish modern leadership styles for high-performance teams.

Leadership Coaching

Mastering crisis

In a time of constant change, an additional stroke of fate can easily throw you off course. If you are the one affected, you can get professional help. If you are “only” a relative, you are left alone with the changed behavior of the affected person.

Together with me, you will examine your overall system and explore new alternatives for action

Life Coaching in crisis

Nevertheless, I also welcome all other topics from the private or professional environment. The philosophy in systemic coaching is that the solution to the concern is already dormant in you and that I, as a systemic coach, am only an “obstetrician”. Therefore, I do not necessarily need expertise for your concern.

Values and beliefs

Working with values and beliefs plays a central role in systemic coaching. Because when a change simply does not succeed, there is usually a deep but unconscious belief that stands in the way of change. Working on an hindering belief is therefore the essence of systemic coaching and require empathetic accompaniment. It is always very moving to be allowed to be present when new strength emerges from a modified belief set and the path for change is cleared.

Evolution of beliefs

“If there is one belief that can move mountains, it is the belief in one’s own strength.”

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Why “Longma” – Systemic Coaching

The Chinese word Longma is the combination of dragon (Long) and horse (Ma) and is, so to speak, the Pegasus from Chinese mythology. The Longma thus combines two very powerful animals, can fly and is very robust due to the dragon scales. In addition to their strength, horses are very sensitive to the emotions of others and interpret subtle signals in facial expressions and body language, as this is part of their survival strategy as a flight and herd animal. Dragons are usually portrayed as very independent and invulnerable. Last but not least, Longma also stands for “significant person”.

Daher drückt Longma für mich viele der Werte im systemischen Coaching aus. Zuallererst sollte ein systemischer

Therefore, for me, Longma expresses many of the values in systemic coaching. First of all, a systemic coach should always have an appreciative attitude towards his client and put himself aside. In the coaching process it is very helpful to be empathic and to be able to read emotions from facial expressions and body language. These help an experienced coach to see which direction to go – “where there is resistance, there it goes”. A successful coaching process gives the client strength (again) or even wings. The goal is to enable the client to help himself in the future.