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A very different feedback method

feedback methode sag es

– Because the right mindset in feedback is crucial –

SAY IT simple❗️(SAG ES Methode)

For constructive feedback there are many different feedback methods, not all of them I really recommend (see my post on the Sandwich Feedback Method).

For me, the most important thing in feedback is the mindset.
It’s not about criticizing the person, but about change:

1️⃣ supporting the other person in their development
2️⃣ or to reduce an unpleasant effect of a behavior.

That’s why, for me, there is no such thing as positive and negative feedback, but only constructive, goal-oriented feedback – or not.

However, the feedback can of course be pleasant or unpleasant for the receiver (and the giver).

👉🏻 One method that supports you in this basic attitude is the „SAY IT“ (SAG ES) formula, often also known as the I-message:

🆂 ay your point of view: “I noticed that.”
🅰 dmit impact: “This leads to”
🆈 our feelings: “I feel with it”
🅸 nquire point of view: “How do you see this”
🆃 ogether: “How could we solve this together?”

The basic idea behind this is to describe what is causing the behavior and then find a solution together. This leaves it up to the recipient to decide what to do with the feedback.

However, it is crucial not to let “SAY IT” degenerate into a method, but to be genuinely interested in what the positive intention behind the action was.

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