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Dr. Karin Klimt

Deutscher Coaching Verband

Is there any non-systemic coaching?

Well probably there is but in my eyes it doesn’t make sense at all⚡️ It is actually quite straightforward. We are not living in a vacuum but are influenced by the ...


Carrots, donkeys and motivation

Many companies still use “Carrot 🥕 and stick 🦯” (bonus and fear) methods to motivate their employees to give their best … but we are not donkeys. Today’s still most ...


Blame-Free culture

Blame-free culture is the key ingredient 💪🏻 for successful change in a company but in many cases the opposite is the case: people still fear to make (or admit) errors. ...

Agile und Coaching

Do systemic coaching and agile methods fit together?

Clearly YES! Both have a lot of commonalities… The systemic, solution-oriented approach was the same breakthrough for coaching as agile methods were for software development 👉🏻 a small revolution in mindset that allowed to achieve better results ...

leadership coaching

Who is response-able for the weather?

I AM!!! Actually you can be as well … if you want. Imagine you are planning a big BBQ with all your friends but then last minute a thunderstorm is coming ...