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Du kannst das Leben nicht dran hindern Dir Steine in den Weg zu legen - also nutze sie & bau was Schönes draus

✓ Werde im (neuen) Beruf glücklich
✓ Führe souverän mit Leichtigkeit
✓ Entdecke wieder Deine innere Ruhe
✓ Stärke Dein Selbst-Bewusst-Sein

Dr. Karin Klimt

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Without appreciation, a (systemic) coach is of little value

– Appreciation is a key factor in coaching – Besides the knowledge that the constant interaction of a ...

Konstruktion von Wirklichkeit

Construction of reality

Reality is the same for all of us, isn’t it? – Reality is absolute, immutable and equal for ...

Innere Antreiber im Coaching

Inner drive – an important hint for a (systemic) coach

– Do you sometimes do something automatically, even though you don’t want to? Like an inner “Operating System?- ...

Agile Leadership

Lean and Agile Leadership

– And what about me then? Am I still needed at all? – “My company wants to become ...

Führung in VUCA

VUCA – What a crazy world in which we are living

– Faster and faster, more and more complex – What a crazy world we live in 🌍 in ...

Feedback im coaching und Führung

Feedback is crucial for personal development

– And therefore especially for leaders who want to enable change – I don’t like sandwich ❗️  At ...

feedback methode sag es

A very different feedback method

– Because the right mindset in feedback is crucial – SAY IT simple❗️(SAG ES Methode) For constructive feedback ...

Fehlerkultur in agile

An error culture many companies could learn from

– An error culture wich supports change – Honestly, I don’t know if this is true … But ...


Is there any non-systemic coaching?

– At least none which makes sense – Well probably there is but in my eyes it doesn’t ...


Carrots, donkeys and motivation

– What is your secret for motivation ? – Many companies still use “Carrot 🥕 and stick 🦯” ...